Terms & Conditions

All Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

1. Definitions

“Booking” means the date that the client has reserved for use of the vehicle.
“Vehicle” means the Perth LimoVan.

2. Booking

2.1. The vehicle will be held for your requested date/s upon payment of the booking fee, being 50% off the total Vehicle hire.
2.2. The booking fee:
a) will be deducted from the final balance payable; and
b) Is non-refundable and will not be returned to you if you cancel your booking.
c) Must be paid either with Credit Card (either VISA or MasterCARD) or via Direct bank Transfer.
2.3. Hire agreements can only be made by persons 18 years and over.

3. Final Payment

3.1. Payment in full must be received:
a) 30 days prior to the booking date for weddings; and
b) 10 days prior to the booking date for all other bookings.
3.2. Subject to 4.1, if a cancellation occurs, all money received (including deposits) are non-fundable regardless of the circumstances.
3.3. We will commence action for any money owed by you and you must pay all costs incurred in recovering the unpaid money.

4. Cancellation

4.1. If you cancel your booking within 30 days for weddings or within 10 days for all other bookings and we are unable to find an alternative booking, you will be liable to pay the full cost of the booking.

5. Passenger Behaviour

5.1. If you or any other passenger is intoxicated or behaving in an unruly, offensive or unacceptable manner, we may refuse entry to the vehicle.
5.2. You accept responsibility for the behaviour of the other passengers.

6. Smoking

6.1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in our vehicle.
6.2. If you or any other passenger is found smoking in the vehicle, we may terminate the booking without a refund. Such decision shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the driver and without prior warning.

7. Food Consumption

7.1. The consumption of food in the vehicle is prohibited save and except any food provided by us.

8. Seat Belts

8.1. Seatbelts must be worn at all times whilst in the vehicle.
8.2. If you or any other passenger is found to not be wearing a seatbelt whilst in the vehicle, we may terminate the booking without a refund. Such decision shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the driver and without prior warning.
8.3. The vehicle only has lap sash seat belts. We cannot allow children or people into the vehicle who require child seats or booster seats for safety. The maximum number of passengers shall be strictly adhered to and children will be treated as adults.

9. Damage & Cleaning

9.1. The credit card provided for the booking fee payment is provided as security and you irrevocably authorise us to charge this credit card with any damage caused to the vehicle by you, or any passenger without further reference to you or the credit card holder. We will invoice you for those costs deducted from the credit card. If the booking fee payment is made via direct transfer an invoice will be issued with payment due within 5 working days, which if left unpaid will be taken through the appropriate channels to receive payment.
9.2. If you, or any passenger causes any damage, breakage, spillage, spoilage or staining to the vehicle, you agree to pay for all necessary repairs and/or cleaning costs to return the vehicle to its condition before the damage. You irrevocably agree that we may charge and deduct from the credit card provided for the booking fee all reasonable costs incurred by us in cleaning, repairing and servicing the vehicle without further reference to you. We will invoice you for those costs deducted from the credit card.
9.3. We have the right to refuse to personal decorations to the vehicle.

10. Lost, Damaged or Stolen Property

10.1. We take no responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen property.
10.2. You are responsible for any property in the vehicle including the property of other passengers.
10.3. You accept full responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle by any passengers.

11. Unforeseen Events

11.1. If there is an unforeseen circumstance before or during the Booking, where we are able to we will provide a substitute vehicle or another mode of transportation. The substitute vehicle or other mode of transportation does not have to be the same standard as the original vehicle booked.
11.2. An unforeseen circumstance includes but is not restricted to:
a mechanical breakdown, traffic congestion, traffic accident or any other emergency.
11.3. We will endeavor to be punctual but if there is an unforeseen circumstance, we may arrive within 30 minutes of the booking time.
11.4. If there is an unforeseen circumstance before or during the booking that requires the cancellation of the booking, this will result in a credit note to be provide valid for the period of 12 months from the booking date. An unforeseen circumstance resulting in the cancellation of the booking includes but is not restricted to:
riots, state of war, civil disorder, fire, flood, traffic congestion, traffic accidents, mechanical breakdown, actions of government and/or civil authorities, natural disasters, terrorists attacks, and any other acts of God we cannot control.

12. Overtime Charges

12.1. If you request to exceed the nominated finish time, overtime rates will apply.
12.2. We have discretion to allow overtime and the extent of overtime and it may be refused by the
driver at his or her sole and absolute discretion.
12.3. The overtime rate is $150 for every 15 minute period after the nominated finish time for the
12.4. Overtime is to be paid by Visa, Mastercard, or Cash to the driver before the overtime can

13. Restricted Access

13.1. Due to the nature of our Vehicle, we have discretion to deny access to a venue that may put the vehicle and its passengers in an unsafe situation.
13.2. We have discretion to deny access where our Vehicle has to travel on an unsealed road.

14. Behaviour in the Vehicle

14.1. We do not accept any responsibility or liability either in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay or additional expense caused by any circumstances which are directly or indirectly outside of our control.
14.2. No passenger can have any body part protruding from the Vehicle.
14.3. No passenger can have their feet on any seat, table or bar.
14.4. The driver, in his/her absolute and sole discretion, may refuse entry or remove any passengers for unruly unacceptable or intoxicated behaviour as he/she sees fit.
14.5. Luggage capacity is restricted. We accept no responsibility for any luggage or personal items lost, damaged or stolen whilst stored in the Vehicle.

15. Taking of Pictures

15.1 The driver has the right to take pictures throughout the duration of the booking at his or her discretion.
15.2 Perth Limovan owns the rights to these pictures and has full authorization to use these pictures at their discretion. Including and not limited to with the Website or in Social Media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram, and other Marketing Platforms.
15.3 Any pictures taken by you or the passengers and placed on Social Media shall tag Perth Limovan.

16. Acceptance

16.1 Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is made by you the client, for yourself and all passengers, either by signage of this Form, which shall be returned to us; or the payment of the Booking Fee, Subject to 2.

I __________________________________________________(print name) agree to the above terms and conditions and by signing this document, I agree that I am bound by the terms and conditions and will fulfill my obligations under the terms and conditions. I confirm that I am over 18 years of age at the time of the booking.
Signed __________________________________________ / /